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You have to be board certified in your specialty.  Prior teaching to medical students, Residents, Fellows, ACPs, PAs and NPs is also a great addition.

Your courses will be based on common real life case scenarios and diagnosis that you see regularly in your specialty.  As you see on the site, we have divided them under the main body systems, but you can make your courses in whatever way you like.  We are asking you to do them in real life case-based scenarios so that your audience would benefit the most and be engaged.

Our audience is broad and ranges from Medical Students, PA Students, NP Students, Interns, Residents, PAs, NPs and Fellows in your specialty.  We also have other attendings who are interested to learn more about your specialty that purchase our courses as well.

Yes, all our courses are submitted to the AAFP (American Academy of Family physicians) for CME approval, and My Attendings will take care of that for you, with no expenses or application needed from your end.

You still own all your materials.  You can use your PowerPoints to teach from them to your own students or audience as you like.  You still own your videos as well.  The only thing we ask you, is not to share your videos for free anywhere else online since that defeats the purpose of our platform and your benefit.

Our profit model is through profit share.  That means every time your course sells, you make money.  After our research, we found that 37% going to the course creator is fair.  This means after you create your course and submit to us, you are done and do not have to pay for any expenses or need to pay anything to us.  We will take care of all the expenses including website maintenance, advertising and CME.  Once your course sells, you will receive 37% of that profit directly.  This will be sent automatically to your PayPal account.

From our research we found that this is the fairest model because of all the expenses that we have to pay for in the back end.  This way, profit will be fair for both parties.

Our courses usually range from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the content you have and want to be included.  We found that the longer courses are more successful and the viewers learn the most.

The courses should cover multiple subjects, diagnosis and scenarios.  This way the viewer will appreciate the case and learn from it just like they are presented with a real-life case scenario.  Our courses are not intended to be a lecture in a conference but rather like an attending teaching a resident or a fellow in their specialty about the case, how the patient present, how you are able to diagnose them, and how to treat according to the latest guidelines, No Fluff.  Having said that, we do not want you to fly through the case either but rather teach it at a residency level to make sure all our viewers are engaged.

It will be your responsibility to make sure your courses are UpToDate with the current guidelines at least once a year.  This way, our courses are always updated.  That’s why, we always ask our instructors to divide their courses into 30 minutes increments so that it will be easy to update them.  The PowerPoints also that will be uploaded to the platform and will be sold part of your course.  You will need to update your courses to make sure that they are meeting the current guidelines.

The software we use is https://obsproject.com

Here is a video we have created to help you use it and record your video


Below are the sites where you can get copyright free medical pictures, in some cases you just have to cite them

  • Medical Copyright free Pictures:
    1. https://commons.wikimedia.org/
    2. Search for what you are looking for under google.com, then click on tools and choose usage rights, then “Creative Commons licenses”.  Look for your image and then click on the one you like.  Under it you might see “license details” or “images may be subject to copyright” click on it to make sure there is no issues to use the image for commercial purposes.  You will need to cite your image under it on your PowerPoint slide as well.
  • Non-Medical copyright free pictures:
    1. https://www.freepik.com
    2. https://unsplash.com
    3. https://www.pexels.com
    4. https://www.freeimages.com

Things that help make an awesome course are a great picture and a crisp sound: an extra monitor, a nice camera and a nice microphone will go a long way when you are creating your courses. Below are good places you can get these equipment if you do not have a good camera or a good microphone.


Yes, this is one of our courses.  Feel free to watch this to understand our teaching style


Yes, teach your courses, do not read them.  Before you record your full course, please record a few minutes first to make sure your mic is working well, picture is good and there is no lag.  If you are having any issues, we have a team that can help you with this.  You can email us, and our videographer can do a zoom meeting to help you with set up if needed.

Please fill out the form below and submit it to us.  We will create a dropbox folder for you which will be your private box to upload all your content to.  You will receive this once you are ready to upload.

Email us at admin@myattendings.com  so we can send you your Dropbox folder link to upload

Yes, this is the contract here.  No need to sign this now, but this will be sent through Right signature for you to sign once you are ready to submit your courses.  We will not push your courses to live unless the contract is signed

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