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Neurology Outpatient 2

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Welcome to Neurology-Outpatient 2

In this course you will continue to learn about all the common cases that present to your clinic on a daily basis from a women’s health standpoint.  Dr. Grover-Wenk, a board-certified Family Medicine Physicians will teach you this through real life case scenarios that present to the clinic on a daily basis.  By the end of this course, you will be confident tackling these abnormalities with much more ease.

Videos:  1

Duration: 2.32 hours (2 hours and 32 minutes)

CME: 2.5

Neurological Cases in Primary Care Module 2

1.  Stroke Continued

a.  BP monitoring guidelines

b.  Lipid monitoring guidelines

c.  Role of t-PA in ischemic stroke

d.  Antiplatelet therapy

i.  Dual antiplatelet therapy

e.  Cardioembolic stroke

f.  CHA2DS2-VASc Score


h.  Recommendations for antithrombotic therapy

i.  Newer oral anticoagulants

j.  Secondary prevention

2.  Dementia

a.  Aging brain

b.  Types of dementia

c.  Diagnosing dementia

d.  Office based labs and imaging testing for dementia

e.  Office based dementia assessments

i.  MiniCog

ii.  MoCA testing

iii.  MMSE

f.  Neuropsychological testing

g.  Functional status assessments

h.  Management of dementia

i.  Nonpharmacological

ii.  Pharmacological

1.  Cholinesterase inhibitors

2.  NMDA antagonists

3.  Antidepressants

4.  Psychoactive medications

a.  SORT Recommendations

3.  Parkinson’s Disease (PD)

a.  Diagnosis

b.  Differential diagnoses

c.  Signs and symptoms

d.  Imaging

e.  Pharmacological therapy

i.  MAO-B inhibitors

ii.  Dopamine agonists

iii.  Carbidopa-Levodopa

iv.  COMT inhibitors

v.  Anticholinergics

vi.  NMDA receptor agonists

f.  Surgical procedures

g.  Additional symptoms to manage

4.  Syncope

a.  Etiology

b.  Symptoms

c.  Classification

i.  Cardiac

ii.  Neurally mediated or reflex syncope

iii.  Orthostatic hypotension mediated

d.  Evaluation

e.  Diagnosis

f.  Specific features that can help guide you to diagnosis

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