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Neurology Outpatient 3

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Welcome to Neurology-Outpatient 3

In this course you will continue to learn about all the common cases that present to your clinic on a daily basis from a Neurology standpoint.  Dr. Grover-Wenk, a board-certified Family Medicine Physicians will teach you this through real life case scenarios that present to the clinic on a daily basis.  By the end of this course, you will be confident tackling these abnormalities with much more ease.

Videos:  1

Duration: 1.53 hours ( 1 hour and 53 minutes)

CME: 2

Neurological Cases in Primary Care Module

1.  Neuro Part 3

a.  Syncope continued

b.  Physical exam

c.  Clinical decision-making tools

d.  Risk stratification

e.  Cardiac testing

f.  Treatment

2.  Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA)

a.  Characteristics

b.  Physical exam

c.  Differential diagnoses

d.  Labs

e.  Temporal biopsy and imaging

f.  Treatment

g.  Long-term monitoring

3.  Concussions

a.  Definition

b.  Pathophysiology

c.  Symptoms

d.  Signs

e.  Acute evaluation

f.  Office based evaluation

i.  ImPACT testing

ii.  SCAT-5 testing

iii.  Concussion recognition tool

g.  Imaging

i.  PECARN decision tree for imaging

ii.  CT decision tree

h.  Management

i.  Return to work and play

j.  Return to cognitive activities

k.  Return to sports

l.  Graded return to physical activity

m.  Complications of untreated concussions

n.  Second impact syndrome

o.  Persistent post concussive syndrome

i.  Therapy and treatment

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