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Welcome to Hematology Cases

In this course, Dr. Qin, a Board-Certified hematologist will teach you about some of the common hematology cases that you will run into regularly.  This will be taught through real life case scenarios.  By the end of this course, you will be able to identify how these patients present, how you are able to diagnose them, and how to treat according to the latest guidelines.

Videos: 5

Duration:  one hour and 18 minutes

CME: 1.25

Topics discussed in this course:

Parvovirus-induced red cell aplasia

TMPRSS6 Mutation: iron regulation, hepcidin, matriptase-2, microcytic anemia, iron deficiency

Diamond-Blackfan anemia

X-linked sideroblastic anemia

Sickle Cell Disease

Acute Chest syndrome


Iron Chelation

Venous thromboemboli


Einstein Choice Study

Thrombophilia evaluation


Methotrexate-induced pancytopenia: renal dysfunction, third-spacing

Aplastic anemia

Alcohol-induced pancytopenia



Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia: 4Ts Score

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