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Welcome to Nephrology/Urology (3.25 CME)

In this course, we will cover all the common cases of Nephrology and Urology that you will face in the hospital on a daily basis. From Acute kidney injury to kidney stones to ESRD on Dialysis and everything in between. By the end of this section, you should be ready to tackle the most common abnormalities that you will face in the hospital from a Nephrology/Urology standpoint. This will be done through discussing real life cases, how the patients present, how to diagnose them and how to treat them according to the latest guidelines.

All the cases were reviewed with a Nephrologist prior to submission

Videos: 6. Total duration: 3.14 hours (3 hours and 14 minutes)

Topics covered in this course:

Acute Kidney injury work up
Prerenal vs Renal Vs post renal causes
Common medications with renal injury
Understanding Urinalysis and microscopy
Types of IV fluids and how to manage them
Cardiorenal syndrome
Hepatorenal syndrome
Diuretics comparisons
Obstructing Nephrolithiasis with fever
UTI with bacteremia
Urinary obstruction/BPH
Urinary retention
Interstitial Nephritis
Acute tubular necrosis
Nephritis and Nephrotic syndrome
Common Meds causing AKI
Indications for Dialysis
Access for dialysis
Access infection
Management of Hyperkalemia
Anemia in CKD
Peritoneal dialysis with SBP
Most common cases of Hyponatremia in the hospital
How to properly treat hyponatremia and hypernatremia
Psychogenic polydipsia vs. Diabetes insipidus
Beer potomania
Acidosis/Alkalosis (acid base disorders)
Respiratory acidosis
Metabolic Acidosis/alkalosis
Normal vs elevated Anion gap acidosis
Bicarbonate Drips
Renal tubular acidosis
Hyperphosphatemia in CKD
Scrotal pain etiology
Fournier’s Gangrene

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