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The Prenatal History

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Welcome to The Prenatal History

In this course, we will cover The Prenatal History and its implications for the care of the neonate.  Taking the appropriate prenatal history is crucial in Neonatology and how it effects your patient.  Dr. Bengtsson, a board certified Neonatologist, will provide you with all the common cases that will present to your service under this section.  By the end of this course, you should be comfortable tackling most of the common scenarios that arise under the prenatal history and its complications.

Videos: 4 .  Total Duration 1.49 hours (one hour and 49 minutes) 

CME: 2

Topics Discussed in this course:

Mother with positive infections

Positive hepatitis

Positive syphilis

Positive HIV

Positive Chlamydia

Positive Gonorrhea

Positive Hepatitis C

Positive TB

Positive Group B Strep

Rubella Non-Immune

Unknown Rhogam

Can mother breast feed in different scenarios

Congenital TB

TORCH infections

Necrotizing Cellulitis

Jaundice and sepsis

Bacterial meningitis

Ophthalmia Neonatorum

ABO Incompatibility

RH incompatibility


Hemorrhagic disease of the new born


Marijuana and breastfeeding

SSRI in pregnancy

Opiates in pregnancy

Maternal Autoimmune disease

Parents right to refuse vs. Imminent risk

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